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Facebook Messenger Ads: Communicate, Engage, Convert Like Never Before

At Breakthrough Bay, we understand this vast digital world presents both opportunities and challenges for companies to connect with their …

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5 Data-Backed Tips for Writing Great Facebook Ad Headlines

The number of businesses that use Facebook for ads and Business Pages is truly astounding. A whopping 93% of marketers that use social media …

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The Ninjas Guide To Google Alerts

Google Alerts is the most powerful free marketing tool that you’re not using And by not doing so, you’re missing …

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Top 10 Benefits Of Retargeting Your Email Subscribers With Facebook Ads

  I am pretty sure you would agree with the fact that as a marketer, you dream of building a huge online …

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[Experiment] How cutting my email list in HALF resulted in 2021% ROI FB Ads

This case study reveals how I got 50% more sales (along with a 2021% ROI) by splitting my email list …

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Find and Analyze Hidden Facebook Interests – ConnectExplore

Instantly eliminates unprofitable FB Interests for explosive profits ConnectExplore is a cloud-based platform to find and analyze the best (hidden) Interests for targeted Facebook advertising campaigns without the need to set up different ad sets for each targeted Interest or doing split tests and/or using outside tracking tools. This is a tool for serious Facebook advertisers who wants to increase conversions and lower ad costs with laser targeted Facebook ads.

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