Zero Cost Traffic Tactics [ebook]

Discover 10 Proven Methods To Generate Website Traffic Without Paying a Cent!

In This Course, You’ll Finally Find Out Easy-To-Implement Tactics To Generating a Ton of Free Traffic!


The most important factor in whether or not you are successful is how much traffic you have. You could have the greatest website and sell the best product in your niche but will not do you any good if no one knows you exist.

Traffic is important because it helps you to rank higher in search engines, it helps you to gain expertise in the topic or industry that you’re in, it allows you to establish influence and of course, it gives you the ability to earn money through affiliate sales, direct sales or even advertisements on your website. But getting traffic these days is tricky.

There are millions of competing websites out there and some of them of have been around since the dawn of the Internet. In fact, NetCraft announced in late 2014 that there are now over 1 billion websites on the Internet.

Without a budget of massive proportions, how do you get traffic to come to your site? SmartInsights says that there are a little less than 3 billion people that are going to be surfing the Internet this year, which is half the world.

In this ebook you’ll learn how you can get your own little piece of that traffic without having to spend a fortune.


In fact, how can you get your own little piece of that traffic without spending a dime? That’s exactly what this book is about.

  • Tactic #1: The Viral Blogging Method
  • Tactic #2: YouTube Traffic Technique
  • Tactic #3: The Forum Authority Method
  • Tactic #4: The Thank You Page Win-Win Method
  • Tactic #5: The Podcasting Method
  • Tactic #6: The Guest Posting Method
  • Tactic #7: Webinar Traffic
  • Tactic #8: The Social Media Groups Method
  • Tactic #9: The Name Dropping Method
  • Tactic #10: The Viral Report Method

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