How to Generate 50% EXTRA Revenue from Your Emails

What if I told you that there was an easy way to get 50% percent more revenue every time you send an email out to your list?

That’s right – it is possible. And it doesn’t require much effort at all!

But there are some things to understand before we dive right in…

You have to make sure that your audience knows you and trusts you. Otherwise, this technique won’t work. The important thing is that you have people who genuinely enjoy and trust what you have to offer them.

…But I’m sure that if you have an email list built up, you’ve got this already.

Here’s another thing to know…

The Rule of 7. 

It’s a principle in marketing that states that it takes around 7 times on average for someone to see your offer before they actually buy.

It makes sense when you think about it. Hardly anyone sees an offer once and decides to go for it right away!

But this doesn’t mean that you should bombard your audience with the same offer over and over and over again…That would drive them nuts!

Email Retargeting: A Smart Way to Apply the Rule of 7

The smart way to do it would be to focus on email retargeting.

Here’s a little case study where I used ConnectAudience.

I was promoting UpViral to a segment of my email list, and during this promotion, I cut the list in half.

I put my readers into two separate groups of people, called “A” and “B” for the purpose of making this easy. ?

Both these groups got the exact same email, sent at the exact same time, with the exact same offer… so it was identical.

I set up both groups with unique tracking links.

Despite sending out identical emails to groups A & B, there was one difference that set them apart… Group B was shown Facebook ads using ConnectAudience. 

Why Did I Cut My Email List in Half?

The reason for me splitting the groups into two like this was because I wanted to see exactly how much extra revenue and profits ConnectAudience generates.

If I had targeted everyone with the Facebook ads, it would have been impossible to tell whether or not the ads brought them to convert, or if the emails sufficed.

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The Results…

Here’s what happened:

The group targeted with Facebook ads actually generated a whopping 50 PERCENT more revenue than the group that was just sent emails.

That’s right, that’s 50% more sales from the group of people I targeted using simple Facebook ads(that we’ll go into in a little while) during that promotion.

Let’s talk numbers.

During this promotion, I ran two different ads that targeted at two different emotions: social proof and scarcity.

I ran a carousel ad that showcases various testimonials my customers have given me for UpViral. It wasn’t anything pushy, but it definitely has an impact on the viewer’s mind. Simple yet effective.

For the other ad, I recorded a video clearly saying that this was the last day of the special offer.

How much I spent on the ads:

  • Social proof ad that (testimonials) – $35
  • Scarcity ad (last day of the special offer) – $49

This brought my total ad-spend to $84.

From those 84 dollars, I was able to get a boost of…


That’s how much more I made from Group B, which saw the Facebook ads.

If we compare that to Group A which only got the emails…

…I was able to get $3,564 in revenue.

Group B did a total of $5,346.

Now, according to Facebook Statistics, the two ads I ran actually made around $2482 in extra revenue, but there is probably a bit of overlap between them.

Either way, though, this kind of ROI is a no-brainer.

Over to You

And there you go. This was a real-world case study on how I make my email promotions much more profitable by using ConnectAudience and targeting those who opened the emails I sent, which netted me a 2000% ROI on my Facebook ads.

And while I don’t know about you… that’s something I’d take any day. A total no-brainer!

I hope you enjoyed this case study. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! ?

November 25, 2018

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