YouGov Review: Can This Make You Good Money Consistently?

Like me and many other Internet users, you’ve come across YouGov’s paid surveys provision, which is why you’re here. YouGov, which you’re considering to sign up with, is much more than a paid surveys site. It’s also a site that conducts unpaid public opinion polls to gather the thoughts of people from various walks of life.

At the end of the day, YouGov is a unique site, but it has substantially less variety than non-public-focused sites like Swagbucks.

If your main motivation for researching YouGov is to make a little extra money, joining an industry leader in the paid survey industry makes a lot more sense. Create a membership with a site like Swagbucks, and check out YouGov as a backup if SB doesn’t have what you’re looking for.

Summary: YouGov Review

People have a lot demanding their attention and time these days, leaving them with little or no time to spare. If this is the case with you and you can’t spare enough time to read the entire review on YouGov, read this short version to enable you to tell whether or not YouGov is what you’re looking for, at a glance.

YouGov as a paid survey site isn’t different from other paid survey sites in many ways. That means you’ll need to invest some time answering questions before you can earn points that can translate into rewards. In the case of YouGov, the rewards aren’t always cash. They’re sometimes kind, which you can claim after you hit the points threshold that qualifies you to request your reward.

YouGov would be a good fit for folks who are looking to make money to meet their trivial wants on the sidelines and for folks who have a thing for freebies such as mobile devices and other small giveaway items, which they can use or sell for cash. It’s also a great place for folks who are looking for avenues to air their opinions on a vast array of subjects without incentives.

So if you’re considering to sign up with YouGov because you somehow got an impression you could make a living by taking its surveys either as a full-time occupation or a part time activity to provide for yours and your family’s major needs such as paying the bills and fees, you’ll be engaging in a fruitless venture that will leave you disappointed. This is because YouGov doesn’t have a provision to cover your living expenses or replace your day job by offering you paid surveys.

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YouGov may or may not even reward you for sharing your opinions on their platform. In some instances, surveys have been completed and no points have been awarded. So there’s no guarantee that you’ll always be able to earn any points or get any rewards for your time in taking surveys.

Even if you earn points, you can’t benefit from them until they’re accumulated into a very high number, which most survey takers can’t stick around long enough to achieve and redeem.

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It’s Free and Easy to Sign Up with YouGov

YouGov is free and easy to sign up with. Some paid survey platforms require a signup fee. Others, like MySurveyIpsos i-Say etc., are free but will require you to take a survey to disclose your personal information as part of the signup process. But none of that is true of YouGov’s sign up requirement. All you have to do is provide a valid email address, provide a password and confirm your email address. After that, you’re good to take your first YoGov survey.

My First Survey on YouGov’s Platform

YouGov’s platform is very easy to navigate. It has a number of menus that reveal their contents as you click on each as with regular websites. However, in addition to the menus, YouGov also uses icons to represent some of its important features. Within the menu labeled “My YouGov,” there are five icons.

The first one represents all activities on the account of the YouGov user. The second one represents available surveys that are waiting to be taken. The third one represents completed surveys. The fourth one represents a record of the rewards that have been redeemed. The fifth and last one represents the number of referrals that are signed up through the user’s YouGov referral link.

After signing up in a couple of minutes, I decided to take a survey. So I clicked on the second icon that represented available surveys. There was one survey for me to take. So I started to answer the questions by clicking appropriate radio buttons and clicking on the “next” button to proceed.

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I was Denied 50 Points

According to YouGov, my first survey was supposed to earn me 50 points. But after I finished taking the survey, I still had zero points to show for my time and effort. And there was no explanation as to why I had that frustrating experience.

After that experience that started me off on the wrong foot with YouGov, I tried to take another survey but I was clearly informed that there were no more surveys for me to take.

You Need 5,000 Points to Redeem a Reward

YouGov’s users aren’t eligible to redeem their rewards until after they’ve amassed up to 5,000 points and beyond. On the YouGov platform, 5,000 points equal 50 British Pounds. That means one Pound would require 100 points to earn.

Though I didn’t have the opportunity to take a lot of surveys, in my experience, the YouGov surveys can take as much as 15 to 20 minutes to earn 50 points, which is a lot better than some paid survey sites out there, admittedly.

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If you’re really serious about making some good money online by taking paid surveys, then you need to check out this review of my favorite paid survey site.

But the threshold to qualify for a cash out is a steep 5,000 points for 50 Pounds and there aren’t many surveys available to be taken frequently in order to quickly earn the required 5,000 points.

That means you’ll have to wait forever to take surveys every once in a long while when they are available until you earn the required 5,000 points before you’re handed 50 Pounds or its equivalent in kind.

Furthermore, YouGov promised their site visitors that they would earn 100 points for just signing up. I signed up but my account was still reading zero points.

YouGov isn’t for Everyone

Though YouGov is open to folks from all around the world, it doesn’t indiscriminately allow everyone access to its surveys, That means you might take the time to register with YouGov and never have a chance to take a survey if you’re not deemed qualified and selected to partake. For the record, YouGov only sends surveys as links to selected participants by email.

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That, in turn, means if you’re dreaming of making a living by taking surveys on YouGov, your dreams stand a chance of getting dashed.

Final Rating: D

YouGov might or might not make you any money depending on whether or not you get selected to participate in the survey exercises. Even if you get selected to take part in the surveys, the amounts of money you’ll make won’t be significant because surveys aren’t guaranteed to be available consistently. Sometimes, you could even complete surveys without getting your deserved points.

Besides, it’s going to take a lot of patience to stick around the YouGov platform monitoring your emails for new survey alerts and taking the available surveys as they occur every once in a long while until you hit 5,000 points in order to cash out 50 Pounds. It’s simply not worth the wait and the hassles.

My review of YouGov’s paid survey provision ends here. What’s your take? Please share your thoughts with your fellow paid survey seekers in the comments area if you’ve had an experience with YouGov. Your contributions will be appreciated and might be of benefit to someone somewhere.

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June 16, 2019

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