Monetizing Other People’s Failures – The Bevis Producer

In this The Bevis Producer review I will cover what this course is all about by showing you inside the member’s area.

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I’ve put together a package of some awesome bonuses that will complement The Bevis Producer. You’ll get these bonuses absolutely free if you decide to grab The Bevis Producer through my link on this page. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the review to get a description of each of them!

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What is The Bevis Producer?

The Bevis Producer is a full video course in which Srijan & Nish will show you how they makes consistent 3, 4 or even 5-figure days with their eCommerce business, by profiting off of old campaigns that are no longer running.

They will find products with very high potential but that never reached that potential. Then they set up a new campaign, using their own proven-to-work method and this almost guarantees success.

The best part is the case studies from previous students who’ve made this work, even from their very first day of setting things up.


What will you get with The Bevis Producer?

The Bevis Producer training course consists of 8 modules of training: introduction, set-up, research, getting products, traffic, advanced techniques and customer service. It is a very in-depth training that cover both theory and practice and will walk you through everything you need to know to follow Nish and Srijan’s exact method for making 6-figures per year using eCommerce.

It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie marketer or experienced, this training will help you either way. Each module has an introduction more suited for those who are newer but goes really in-depth so that even experienced marketers will get a lot of benefit out of it.

What are the upsells?

The first upsell, at $37, is a Done For You package for The Bevis Producer to get you twice the profits in half the time. You can get access to Nish and Sri’s personal resources that net them $40k per month. Targeting for 20 niches, 50 DFY designs, mock up files, sequences and a theme.

Upsell number 2 at $97 is a mastermind group, in which you can get feedback from Nish and Sri themselves as well as all the other students. This is where the magic happens, as their results will surely inspire you to action. And of course, if you have any questions, they’ll be answered in here.

The third upsell at $197 is 4 weeks of LIVE coaching sessions with Sri and Nish. You’ll get full support as your business grows over a whole month, all questions will be answered and everyone gets all the help they need.


Your Super Bonus Package

This is a unique bonus package which I have created just for customers that purchase this new course from this blog and this will give you a massive advantage over everyone else that grabs this new course.

Here are the bonuses you’ll get if you buy The Bevis Producer through my link…

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how I went from
$0 to generating over $27k in just 7 months!


Watch as Brendan teaches you how he makes $9,259.74 every single month with listbuilding.

This is currently a paid course, but I talked to Brendan and he gave me permission to give it away as a bonus!



I show you how the real money is being made online.
SEO, PPC, Email Marketing..all explained!



Discover how I personally made over $11.000
with 100% FREE traffic from Facebook.

I’ve had dozens of $100 days from working 15-20 minutes.
Literally EVERYTHING is explained in this course.


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.35.46 AM

Headline: One of the first methods I personally used to make an incredibly quick $100 with very little effort. This requires you to do some actual ‘leg work’ but can make you $1,000  in a single day. VERY powerful method, VERY easy to do.


Headline: Discover how I make $100 per day from

How to brand yourself, how to get your videos ranked
(YouTube SEO) and much more is covered inside!



Headline: “Who Else Wants To Rank Their Site On Google Page 1 In Only 30 Days! I Will Reveal The Shocking Truth About Ranking on Google in just 30 Days Without using any Tricks!”



Headline: “Who Else Wants to Discover How to Create Profit-Generating Info-Products WITHOUT Creating the Actual Product Using these 10 Tested and Proven Ways For Creating Passive Income Businesses? You’ll Discover How To Create Your Own Products From Scratch – Even if You’re a Beginner!”



Headline: “Boosting Profits Through Video Products!”



Headline: “Instant HOT Buyers Traffic Through PPC!”



Headline: “Fill-in-the-blanks Headlines You
Can Swipe To Sell Products Like Crazy!”


My bonus package is worth 5 – 10x more than the main course alone so these bonuses are extremely valuable and ones not to be missed.

These bonuses are extremely valuable and it’s a killer of a bundle. These bonuses will all be waiting for you in the download area and will give you a massive advantage over anyone else that grabs this course.

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July 4, 2019

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