Re-KaChing The Recurring Revenue Method

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What Is Inside The Members Area?

Inside the member\’s area, you are given approximately two hours worth of over the shoulder tutorials on how to implement the re-catching method.

Mosh Bari talks you through the entire process from:

  • how to select clients
  • how to use the software
  • what aspects to avoid and implement
  • how to engage with users on Instagram
  • how to scale your business
  • examples of what type of accounts to target
  • and so on…

A look inside the members area!

You are given a very clear overview of what you have to do to implement this method.

What monetisation method is used?

This strategy utilises Instagram to leveraged other people\’s accounts so you can make a recurring monthly income getting them to employ you as a social media manager.

There are millions of people on social media who have compelling accounts without even knowing it. They have gained a substantial following, or they have a tiny, but loyal following.

The key here is that these individuals or businesses do not understand how valuable it can be. That is where YOU come into the picture!

What you are taught at Re-KaChing is to approach these members and to convince them to let you grow their account so they can increase the reach and increase their monthly income, in exchange for a monthly fee of course.

Using some simple strategies and simple tactics you can very quickly have a portfolio of 10/20 clients paying you anywhere from $20/$200 per month for you to grow their account following, engagement and brand awareness.

What I Like About Re-KaChing

The main thing I like about this product is that you can start this with absolutely zero upfront cost, other than the 13 bucks for the training.

The low investment needed means that the service is very accessible to anybody and can give anybody a chance to make money online.

You will, of course, have to do some more legwork as it is a very basic method but the principle is sound, and you can make money with this.

Module examples inside the members area

Due to the simplistic nature of this method, it means that if you were to try and scale it by building a website and increasing your reach, it is very possible and can easily be implemented.

I also like the fact that this is a non-technical method which means it is straightforward to implement and you do not need much experience in the affiliate marketing or Internet marketing world to see results of this.

What I Did Not Like!

However, as I always say, you do get what you pay for, so you need to be aware that there will be some gaps in the training here where you have to think outside the box.

Areas such as:

  • how to build a website to scale your business
  • how to set up a proper agreement with a client
  • knowing what services to offer a client
  • how to deal with a difficult client or a complaint
  • how to implement other strategies like affiliate marketing or advertising
  • and so on


Don\’t expect to make this kinda money immediately! It will take some time and work to get to this stage!

The scope of this training is merely a straightforward method, and you need to think outside the box if you want to make this into a real business.

The sales page is very overhyped.

This is a very standard thing and not too much to worry about but I do find the sales page to be very over-the-top which can be misleading to beginners who think they are going to become rich overnight.

You have to understand that this method will not make you hundred dollars per day within a week, you need to work at it.

Having said that, you can make a real income with Re-KaChing if you\’re patient and you\’re willing to put in the work.

Can You Make Money Using Re-KaChing?

Yes, absolutely! The strategy they teach you is not limited only to Instagram because you can also use this for Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform to which you can adapt this strategy.

You would, of course, need to make a few changes but the principle stays same.

I know from personal experience that small business owners especially and individuals who don\’t understand the power of social media will gladly pay someone if they think they are going to make extra money from their social media accounts.

Therefore you can quickly capture new clients all the time, and due to the enormous scale and volume of people online who are using social media, you will never run out of clients.

The only variable is how much you\’re willing to work and how many people you try to contact because it is a numbers game.

If you were able to sign up just three new clients per month who are paying you 49 bucks each then after a year you have a substantial and reliable monthly recurring income.

Re Kaching money back guarantee

It comes with a guarantee!

You need to take it seriously.

Whenever you endeavour to try to make money online, you need to have a mature and sensible attitude.

This is especially important in this case because what you are dealing with here are people\’s personal and business Instagram accounts.

So when you get your first client, you need to take this seriously, and you need to go out of your way to learn about things like:

  • user intent
  • creating engaging content
  • how to engage with your audience and create viral traction
  • how to follow the terms and conditions of Instagram
  • how to develop an excellent call to action
  • and so….

The better you are at giving your clients results, the better your business will grow and the more money you can charge.

As your clients list increases and you start getting testimonials and start getting referral business, you can charge anything you want, and that is when you start making some serious money.

But you have to take it seriously. If you try it for a week and then quit you will never see results, and you have to be in this long haul and really give it your best shot.

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June 11, 2019

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